Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is in the Air

Business brought me to New Hampshire today - the crisp, clear, cool air of autumn is so invigorating!  DH got left at home, but someone has to take care of the kitties...  My projects and scissors traveled with me; I'm looking forward to spending some time with my needle and thread.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Just Get Started," She Said

I have no idea what the mental block is about posting to my blog, since I so enjoy reading those of others and want to share likewise with our community of stitchers.  A couple of days ago, I received a package from my Santa Sack Swap 2 partner, Sinta, and she included a note in it that, in effect, said "just get started" with the blog.  It was just that last push that I needed.  And I think I'm that much more inspired because the note accompanied a beautiful "sack" made of wonderful Christmas fabrics and fun pom-pom trim.  To call this tote a "sack" is to really do it an injustice, and I look forward to using it for many years.  Many thanks to my swap partner, Sinta, for a lovely gift and a gentle nudge.