Thursday, March 28, 2013

50th Annual Needlework Exhibition

I played hooky today and went to Alexandria, Virginia, for my annual trek to Woodlawn Plantation and the needlework exhibit.  As I am every year, I was overwhelmed by the variety of needlework, including some about which I really know very little (thread painting...?).  While many of the pieces are from commercially-available patterns, or are adaptations of these patterns, some of the most amazing are those that are original pieces created by the stitcher him- or herself.  Again, amazing and humbling.

The month-long exhibition is sponsored by "Nellie's Needlers," a needlework guild affilitated with this historic home, and most of the money raised is donated by the guild for the care of plantation home, particularly the needlework done by Nellie Custis.  Every year, it seems like the next year's exhibit is uncertain, as the Foundation of the property debates about the value of the exhibition (and, I guess, it's fund-raising capabilities).  I'm so glad that they made it to 50, and I look forward to going next year as well.  Always the month of March - if you're in the area, you need to go!  Who knows?  Maybe I'll even enter something next year!

'Til then, I need to take up my needle and sew!

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  1. I would love to see this exhibit. It is so nice that you go every year. I hope that it is able to continue.