Sunday, June 24, 2012

Secret Stitching

So this is the only part I don't like about participating in a secret stitching exchange - not allowed to post pictures of works-in-progress until everyone has received their packages.... boo.  I am participating in a "Patriotic" exchange with Stitched with Love Exchanges and am having a blast putting together what I hope will be just the perfect package for my partner.  Mailing date is no later than next Wednesday - looking forward to showing you more after that!

And in the interim, I've been busy processing sour cherries from Baugher's orchard in Westminster, MD.  This activity was a long-time family tradition when my DB and his family lived there - the orchard will pit the cherries for you, making the processing so effortless!  That is, unless you're like me this year and forgot to determine whether or not the buckets of already-picked cherries were already pitted, and, if not, to get them pitted.... sigh.  But I've managed to make two batches of jam - my absolute favorite, have 16 cups of "jam starter" ready to go (am going to try cherry-almond), and just popped 16 cups of pitted cherries into the freezer!

But I'm also looking forward to finishing up my last piece for the exchange this evening, so I'll be taking up my needle and sewing!  Hope you are, too...


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